bpRNA-1m consists of 102,318 RNA Secondary Structures from 7 differenet sources with their base pairing information[1]. For each RNA, we provide bpseq file, fasta file, dot bracket file, and structure type file. Moreover, the pdf file of each RNA secondary structure is available. All of the files and scripts are available to download from the download page.

The 7 data sources of bpRNA-1m are as follow:

   1. CRW: The Comparative RNA Web (CRW) Site [2]

   2. tmRNA: tmRNA Database [3]

   3. SRP: Signal Recognition Particle Database [4]

   4. SPR: Sprinzl tRNA Database (tRNAdb) [5]

   5. RNP: The RNase P Database [6]

   6. RFAM: The RNA Family Database [7]

   7. PDB: RCSB Protein Data Bank [8]

Version 1.0 - March 25th 2018

bpRNA-1m version 1.0 is the initialization of this metadatabase. This version contains all the data and information we have in the paper. There are 102,318 different RNA Structures exist in this version, all of which are single molecule. The base-pairing information as well as structure details are available to download.


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