bpRNA is a tool to annotate RNA secondary structures from base pairing data.

Download bpRNA Script

bpRNA_1m is a data base of single molecule secondary structures annotated using bpRNA.
For each RNA, we provide bpseq file, fasta file, dot bracket file, and structure type file. Moreover, the pdf file of each RNA secondary structure is available whethere is color-coded by segments, color-coded by structure types, linear representation, or simpl secondary structure diagram.

Download bpRNA-1m

The zip file contains the following formats. However, each file format is available to download seperately as needed.

   1. Fasta Files                    Download Fasta Files

   2. BPSeq Files                  Download BPSeq Files

   3. Dot Bracket Files        Download Dot-Bracket Files

   4. Ct Files                         Download Ct Files

   5. Structure Type Files   Download Structure Types Files

   6. Structure Array Files  Download Structure Array Files

   7. Secondary Structure Representations in PDF                    Download Structures PDF

   8. Secondary Structure Representations in JPG                     Download Structures JPG

   9. Color-Coded Segments Representations in PDF               Download Colored Segments

   10 .Color-Coded Structure Types Representations in PDF   Download Colored Structures

   11. Linear Graph Representations (Page Numbers) in PDF  Download Linear Graphs

bpRNA_1m(90) is a subset of bpRNA_1m containing RNAs with less than 90% sequence similarity.

Download bpRNA-1m(90)